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heaven November 13 2013, 6 Comments

It's been too long!!  As I've been focusing on teaching over 320 kids in my home studio this last year the pattern line took a back seat. About 3 months ago the idea of releasing a new line could wait no longer I was missing you all too  much.  It was a breath of fresh air to get back into the swing of things and I missed seeing your creative takes on Figgy's patterns.


I knew once I jumped back in to designing a new line there would be  two very important factors I wanted to include in the line 1. wardrobe  2. tweens.

Wardrobe.  I wanted to offer Figgy sewists not just a couple of cute patterns but staples for their children's closet.  A line that would mix and match so once you sewed the line you would have created a full weeks worth of options.  As a parent I know how many times my son has worn the very time consuming dress jacket vs. his favorite Banyan Tee.  As much as I love his jacket, I know what he loves and its T-shirts and comfy pants/shorts. As an aunt of an adorable gorgeous niece I knew how many times she's worn the fancy dress in her closet compared to the cozy knit maxi skirts.



Tweens.  For years you have all been asking for larger sizes and to be honest I've been scared to take the leap.  Tweens know what they like more than any other age group (in my opinion) and from working with 320 tweens this last year they certainly voiced what they wanted to see Figgy's publish.  I'm happy to say this line has been pre-approved by the tweens!  I also had many of my students test the patterns to see how well they could follow along with little guidance.  I have to say I've never felt so proud!


It's been quite a journey back and I hope you find the patterns are worth the wait.  Winter patterns will arrive on November 16th and I plan to release the Spring line by next February!  My little break is officially over….I'm back!


Happy Sewing - Shelly