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The "Eos" Back Drop April 01 2014, 0 Comments



When Figgy's releases a pattern that shows the bare back of a little one I recieve one of two responses 1. (my favorite) I LOVE IT!  2. (not my favorite) I don't love it!
As much as I'd love everyone to love every Figgy's design I know they won't, but I do love to try and please most of you. So for those of you that love the "Eos" dress/blouse but feel the back is too low for your taste this post is for you!  You'll need a straight edge ruler, French curve or some type of object that can mimic the curve in the back, pen or pencil, tracing paper and the EOS pattern.


The first question to ask yourself is how high you'd like to raise the back curve.  Remember you can't raise it clear up to the back of the neck unless you want to insert a zipper or you can if you are using a knit fabric.  The reason? It won't go over their head when dressing.  I would suggest only raising the drop between 2-3".  You also want to measure the child you're sewing for from the back of the neck to the waist and compare that to the pattern piece.  You may find that the child is short waisted and you really don't have to raise it that high.  It is designed to be above the waistline by 2".  



For this example I chose to raise the back 2".  
You simply extend the center back line by 2".



Next using a French Curve, or an object that can mirror the curve of the back as closely as possible, align the curve then move it up to match the extension.



You'll repeat this with the back lining by laying the traced pattern a top the lining pattern to have an exact curve match.



It's as simple as that!

Now you can make an "Eos" without any back showing!  


Happy Sewing - Shelly