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just for you December 12 2011, 0 Comments


Some of you have received your pattern in the post and opened it...."hey, what's this?", a little label just for you!   A beautiful woven label is included with every purchase of a Figgy's pattern. A little extra bonus for you the sewist. These labels don't only give your garment a professional finishing touch, they clearly state that the garment has been lovingly crafted by hand.

At Figgy's we make it very easy and profitable for the boutique sewer to use our patterns.  We believe that a label not only enhances your garment but it showcases that you take pride in working with an established and trusted pattern brand.  We will do everything in our power to make sure you have a quality product in hand.  Once you fall in love with the patterns and want to make multiple garments for your shop we have label bags available to purchase.  We want to ensure your success and we know this is the perfect touch for the garment.

"Wait! my label doesn't look like the one in the photo above?"  Don't worry, there is a special reason for that.  If you received a pattern with a silver "Figgy's" limited edition label (I feel a little like Mr. Wonka) that means we want to feature your garment on our blog and you'll also receive a special coupon code for your future order!  Email a photo of the garment to  We look forward to seeing everyone's garments so please upload them to our flickr group: